Coming Up This Year

My life never feels like it has a definite year end (or beginning for that matter), I have always felt that the best place for me to start is in September. I love the fall, school is in, it starts getting really busy for me with students and gigs – this is my new year. I love this time of year. So much inspiration.

I have to alert you to some projects coming up over the next several months.

My Large Views Ensemble will become active again after about a year off. We’re coming back with a new look. I’ve pared down the group to allow for some more freedom. This ensemble is made up of my trio (Philippe Charbonneau – bass, Matt Aston – drums and cymbals) and a string quartet (led by Elizabeth St-Cyr – more on her in another post). Keep your eyes open for a show and possible recording in November.

The Nonet will be back this winter as well. This group has been on an even longer break. A show with brand new material is being written currently. I`m really excited about bringing a bunch of my favourite musicians back to the stage and performing large group music together again.

As always, look out for my trio. We play every Tuesday night at the Avant Garde Bar. Come check us out. Each week, I`m bringing more original material and the group is getting more creative with every show. We`ve been performing at the Avant Garde for a steady six months now.

More projects are in the works, so keep coming back for more news! If you`re ever looking for any more information regarding the happenings in the blog, you can contact me through my website.


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