Transcription – Joel Frahm – Pennies From Heaven (Chorus One)

I have been doing a lot of lifting lately, and therefore, quite a bit of intense listening. One saxophonist that has caught my ear is Joel Frahm. I had the opportunity to chat with Joel while he was in Ottawa (unfortunately, I missed both his shows for my own gigs, but caught him afterwards). Super nice guy! He even tried my new horn (Selmer Cigar Cutter Tenor – I love it!).

This transcription, from Sorry, No Decaf, grabbed my attention because of the phrasing of the melody, and because of Joel’s inside-outside breaks (check out bars 15-16 and 31-32). As far as
I’ve heard, the trio (Joel Frahm – tenor sax, Doug Weiss – bass, Matt Wilson – drums) play over the standard changes, but I’ll update that as I move through the rest of the solo.

As I was transcribing this, I went through the first few times in real time, and I caught quite a bit of it. Then I put the solo through Transcribe! which helped me out. I found that the intro was harder to write down than to play. The 6/4 bar drove me crazy (I kept trying to figure it out in 4/4), but overall pretty straight ahead. Frahm’s use of space in the next couple of chorus’ have been fun to figure out, but they’re not quite ready to go. I’ll post them soon.


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