Page-Lapensee-Pontello – Gig #1

The first gig for the trio was a few weeks back, and it was definitely one to remember. The trio is extremely excited to be performing at Le Petit Chicago every other week (make sure that you catch Search Engine on the opposite weeks). I feel that this trio is going to push musical boundaries every time it hits the stage.

Here`s a taste of what we performed and a little insight into what the group is all about.

Here are some notes about one set that we played.

We started with Confirmation and decided to stick with a whole set of Parker tunes – the vibe was great! It`s interesting to explore an artist`s music on the stand with on the spot arrangements – it gives the music a sense of urgency.

Confirmation – straight ahead, fast and energetic
Billie`s Bounce – slow, bluesy
Scrapple From The Apple – fastest tune of the set
Ornithology – freely, mostly over G and D pedals, open-feeling, elastic time
Au Privave – 3/4 blues – interesting to try and figure out the melody on the spot.
Yardbird Suite – calypso, fun way to end the set

The group has many ways to approach tunes and we are excited to bring you some great jazz on a regular basis!


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