My Tour With Amy Brandon – Day One

The first day was a busy one.

I landed in Halifax just shy of noon (local time) and Amy met me at the airport.

The flight was smooth (I slept the whole time) and security was great about getting both of my horns in the cabin with me. The on;y downside to the flight was that I’ve had a cold for a few days and the change in pressure is playing some nasty games with my left ear.

We load my gear and luggage into the car and hit the road. We stop and grab a coffee, and catch up on the drive.

We got back to Amy’s house and started rehearsing. I love to rehearse when ideas are being thrown back and forth. Amy has some great ideas for my tunes, and we started to work out some arrangements. I really feel like our sounds work well together. We rehearse for the better part of the day (4 or 5 hours) and then off to the radio station, CKDU, for an interview with Lamont McLachlan.

Lamont is a great host, asks engaging questions and has a great sense of humour. After an hour on his show and playing a few tracks from my new EP with the Ottawa Hard Bop Association (to be released in the near future). It’s time to head home.

Once we get home, it’s time to plan our next day, which is performing for the students of Redcliffe Middle School. This will give us some opportunity to test our new arrangements and see what works!


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