My Tour With Amy Brandon – Day Three

I was very excited for Day Three.

This is the day of our first gig…well, it was supposed to be.

We woke up this morning to rehearse. Amy and I wanted to get our sets together before heading to our first show at the Smiling Goat in Halifax. I am normally not a fan of creating set lists, but I am usually working with my material exclusively, and so I feel much better having some sort of a plan. It was already snowing this morning and the forecast said that we were going to be hit with 30cm of snow.

We rehearsed our first set and after being warned about the roads, Amy called up the venue and we all decided that it was best to postpone our show until Sunday (November 27) afternoon at 1pm.

I was disappointed – I’m ready to get playing, but also a little relieved. My cold is lingering and I had a chance to sleep a little more than usual to try to fight it. After I woke up, we rehearsed and rearranged the second set.

Every time that we talk about or play the tunes, I’m getting more and more comfortable with the material. It’s a good feeling!

So tomorrow, the tour kicks off in Fredericton, New Brunswick at the James Joyce Pub at 6pm!


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