My Tour With Amy Brandon – Day Five

Day Five – Moncton

The drive to Moncton was filled with thoughts about the gig from the previous night. Things that worked, things that needed work, things the didn’t work – the usual self-deprecating musician talk…(*chuckles).

We arrived in Moncton a little earlier than expected and hung out in a coffee shop (Jitter Bean Cafe). We needed some coffee and internet. Jitter Bean has great coffee and they are super nice people! I have been recording our gigs and rehearsals since I arrived. I’ve always found that it’s a great tool to be able to listen back. After we have some time to digest the recordings, I’m sure that we’ll post some online.

I was really excited to perform at the Plan b Lounge in Moncton. It was just nominated for venue of the year in the East Coast.

Musically, I thought that Amy and I got into the zone. The music felt great! Stretching out and pushing our musical boundaries. I think that we feel like a group now. We are able to anticipate each other – we are really starting to understand each other.

The one downside to the gig was that there were a few tables of very loud people. I guess you can’t always win that game…

We grabbed dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant across the street with Amy’s brother-in-law and his wife (who also attended our show) and headed back to Truro.

Our next stop – Tatamagouche!


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