My Tour With Amy Brandon – Day Six

Day Six – Tatamagouche!

On Saturday night, we performed at Fables. This is definitely one of my favourite places that I have ever played!

We showed up at the venue around 6pm for our 7:30pm. Amy and I were greeted by Chuck and Hanna (the people that run Fables) and loaded our gear. We set up and then ordered dinner. The ham panini was incredible!

As the audience started filling up the place, Amy and I made our way to the stage. The house music was turned off, and we were let to do our thing.

The Gig.

From the first note, the audience was silent. This is very easily the most respectful crowd that I’ve played for in at least the last four years (since I’ve been back from Europe). The beauty of playing for an audience like this is that you can really use your dynamics, colours, shading – all of the subtleties that are lost in a louder room.

The other aspect of the audience that I loved was that they were focused on the music. It wasn’t just that they were quiet, it was that they were wanting more from the musicians than a regular room. This quiet intensity brings out the best in musicians, and last night the energy from the audience helped feed our duo! Extremely inspiring!

We played two sets of roughly fifty minutes each, and I think we may be able to release a nice set of music from the show.

These are the nights that I live for as a jazz artist!

I can’t recommend this venue enough to any artist or band coming through the East Coast.

Sunday is our last day with two concerts – one in Halifax and one in Truro.


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