The Richard Page Sextet

On Saturday, June 2, I will be performing at the Alcorn Music Studio GigSpace with my sextet.
I’m really excited to perform with this group, because we will be performing my music that I rarely perform. The set lists are comprised of solely original music and arrangements which will allow each player to stretch out as they please.
The music is a collection of my original compositions that emphasize my growing appreciation for world music. I have a few pieces that I have performed with my trio, but for the most part, it’s a whole new show.
As far as influences are concerned, I have been listening to an incredible amount of Duke Ellington lately, and I am blown away by the diversity in timbre and texture but his ability to retain his orchestra’s identity. Listening to his suites have been an education.
I’ve also enjoyed taking a real, hard look at David Braid’s music. I particularly was interested in how he used each instrument. It’s one of the aspects of his sextet that love. Each horn has an important role, and you can always hear what’s going on within the horns. As well as the horn writing, I have been looking into the way Braid writes for his rhythm section. To me, that’s the ticket! When the rhythm section is taken out of the background and there is some emphasis placed upon it, you really feel like it’s a band and not just horn players playing on top of a play-a-long track.
On this show, I am extremely fortunate to have a great band! These are all wonderful players with whom I am grateful to share the stage!
Patrick Denison – alto saxophone
Ed Lister – trumpet and mutes
Alex Moxon – guitar
JP Lapensee – electric bass
David Pontello – drums and cymbals
See you there!

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