I Love Finding Hidden Gems!

I was working through Guy Lacour’s 28 Etudes on Modes for Saxophone this evening (and I’ll head back to them after I write this post) and stumbled upon a great line. This book is great to build technique and work on ear training – it has forced me to play outside of my comfort zone interval-wise and that has given my ears a workout as well.

I was playing through etude #4 (Messiaen mode II, 2nd transposition) when I got stuck on a line through the palm keys. I slowed it down and got it under my fingers, but I also discovered a new piece of language that I want to add to my playing.

In the attached .PDF, I have written out the original line, and then rhythmically altered it to fit into one bar.

The first lick in the “Jazz Variations” works over –

C7 – D7 – Eb-7b5 – Emaj7#5 – F7b9 – F#dim7 – Gmaj7#5 – Ab7b9 – Adim7 – B7b9

And I have transposed it into the rest of the keys for practice purposes.

Check it out and keep your eyes open for “gems” in your own practice material!

Guy Lacour Lick


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