A Short Duet

Here’s a short duet that I just wrote based on the changes to “There Will Never Be Another You”.

I enjoy playing duets with my students. I enjoy this because I really get to see how a student is able to follow a style, blend with another player, lead or follow using articulation, etc.

It also forces them to keep up with me! By taking a duet at different tempos, in different keys, changing the articulation or switching up the style, my students really have to be on their toes.

It’s also fun! Playing duets creates a nice rapport with students who are just starting with me, or students that I don’t see very often.

I write duets over standard changes to help give some of my jazz students some ideas and new pathways over tunes that they already know how to play.

This duet is just a taste of what I have, maybe someday I’ll release them all.

You, Again


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