Moment’s Notice – Paul Moen Transcription

This Paul Moen transcription is off of the same track as the Gary Pribeck transcription that I posted last week. Paul is destroying the changes – all of the lines are so logical and colourful.
Check it out!

Here’s my transcription of the second tenor solo on the track – Moment’s Notice


5 thoughts on “Moment’s Notice – Paul Moen Transcription

  1. I would love to hear mote of Paul Moen’s tenor sax solo. He had such energy and power that is was almost scary. He passed away much too soon and thanks for keeping his name alive. Can you recommend anyone else that has that same, in your face, sound? I know Don Menza is one for sure.
    Thank you again,

      • Thanks for your email Rich. I will look in to hearing more of Sal Nistico, Ernie Watts and Alex Dean. Question: Being that you can write out the transcriptions; are you also a “in your face” kinda sax man too? Anyway, I sure appreciate all the hard work that you do with your transcriptions. Thank you again,

  2. Hi Randy,

    I would consider myself an aggressive tenor player. You can download some of my tracks for free off of my website ( I’m working on a few more transcriptions right now – as soon as they’re done, I’ll post them. Thanks for reading!



    • Hello again Richard.
      I checked your schedule and I see that you are in Canada. I live in California (US). Do ever perform here in the states? Anyway, I hope that one day I can hear you in person.
      God Bless and take care.

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