Great Group!

Tonight, I was extremely fortunate to catch the Dejan Rafajlovic Trio tonight at the Avant Garde Bar in Ottawa. They played some interesting tunes that I don’t hear many groups play – Strasbourg St. Denis and Jitterbug Waltz are some examples. They also performed some standards, but placed their own slant on them – Nardis and a really funky version of Angel Eyes were among those selections.

They also were very open to having players sit in with the band. I was speaking to Michel Delage a few days ago and he told me that I should bring my horn down. I had a great time playing the bulk of the last set with the group. I also had a chance to play with Mike McNeil for the first time in a while – he sat in for Michel for a tune.

Make sure that you catch this trio the next time that they are playing!

Richad avant

Dejan Rafajlovic – guitar  
Joe Hincke – bass                                                                                                                      Michel Delage – drums                                                                                                            Mike McNeil – drums                                                                                                                 Richard Page – tenor saxophone


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