Backstage – Sacred Ground

Seeing as it’s festival season, I feel the need to talk about something that I feel is very special experience for musicians.

Being backstage at a music festival.

Tonight, I played in Almonte (for their Canada Day celebration) and I was thrust back into music festival mode again.

One of the experiences I love about music festivals is the backstage hang. There always seems to be a “relaxed focus” amongst the musicians – everybody is excited to get on stage and do their thing and there’s a supportive vibe from everybody. I think it makes all of the performers involved want to take their art up another notch.

I remember playing the Ottawa Jazz Festival a few years ago and running into Herbie Hancock backstage. I don’t remember what I said to him, or him to me, but I remember the feeling – the feeling of just wanting to be better. I think that it helped that day.
I hope that I can pass those good feelings along.

Tonight, when we were hanging out backstage. We (The Split) were the headliners and we were able to see everyone perform before us (everyone played their butts off tonight). We were able to share a few beverages, talk music and hopefully send out some good vibes.

We play the Ottawa Bluesfest on July 4th and we’re the openers (for Grand Funk Railroad). I’m looking forward to the show and the backstage hang.



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