A Great Experience From D’Addario Woodwinds

I can’t remember a time in my playing career where I wasn’t playing a D’Addario (formerly Rico) product on one of my horns, and over the last few years I’ve moved almost exclusively to their products. I find that I play nearly every reed that comes out of each box.

Recently, I was on Twitter (follow me here) and D’Addario Woodwinds (follow them here) followed me back. I was curious if D’Addario was going to release a Reserve Classic Eb clarinet reed, because I love them on my Bb, A and Bass clarinets already. I received a reply that day from Anthony and suggested that I try the Grand Concert. He went even further and offered to send me a box.

The reeds showed up at my house and I tried them out. They are great reeds! The sound is even throughout the range and articulates beautifully.

I wanted to thank D’Addario for allowing me to try some new reeds and for continuing to make products that help me create the sounds that I work toward every time that I pick up my instruments!



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